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Big Easy Wrapz, LLC is a high quality large format digital printing and wraps company that supplies the industry some of the most detailed printing and wraps in our custom and one off creations for both professional and private use.

Wraps can be used on a very wide array of projects and are known for their ability to simulate paint on high performance vinyls.

Big Easy Wrapz, LLC controls all aspects of creation to installation in house. Most companies that do business with us, allow us a free hand in the design and manufacture of graphics for their show vehicles, boats, semi's and commercial vehicles.
What are Wraps?

A wrap is basically a large decal that is applied over the paint of a vehicle, boat or other object that allows you to change the appearance of that object in a very short period of time. This decal can then at a later time be removed, returning the vehicle or object to it's original condition in most cases in an even shorter period of time.

The Big Easy Wrapz, LLC solution to painting is not just more cost effective, it allows our customers more creativity, detail and impact on their business vehicles, show vehicles, racing vehicles, boats, drifters and street tuners. The world is full of boring mono colored vehicles and boats. A custom wrap from Big Easy Wrapz, LLC will let you step out of the crowd and get NOTICED!

What Kind of Vinyl Do We Use?

Big Easy Wrapz, LLC only uses high performance vinyl and laminates from Avery.
DOL1000 for that new car shine, and SPF1000 for our off road applications, which is chip resistant. The materials used by Big Easy Wrapz, LLC are of the highest quality and UV protection offered in the industry today and are used only with the approved ECO solvent inks required by the manufacturers to ensure longevity. The durability of our wraps can range from 1-5 years depending on climate and the owners care of the product. Of course accidents happen such as door dings, and Big Easy Wrapz, LLC as a policy will provide, you, the client with excess material to repair these dings and will do the repair without charge when the customer brings the vehicle in to us.

What's the Best Coverage for Me?

Big Easy Wrapz, LLC can offer you a multitude of looks, from Corporate or Custom, or anything you can dream up, or that you would like us to dream up, and, it's warranted to boot. 

What Does a Wrap Look Like?

Well, the general thought is, if you have to touch it to tell, it was a good job. It will look as good as a new car and will look that way for up to a full 5 years, and the impact is substantial. One car, van or truck can get virtually 18 million visual impressions per year, and that means it's the most bang for your advertising buck. Want everyone looking at you? This is the way to do it!

Can it Do Anything Else for Me?

Well as a matter of fact it can. For businesses, it can give you a more professional appearance and bring in more revenue. Just imagine your logo not only on your building where only local traffic can see it as they pass by, but on your company cars, trucks, vans and semi's, netting you millions of visual impressions where ever you go.

For boats, everyone will know who you are because your design will set you apart from the crowd.

For car clubs, show cars and tuners, it will give you that individuality that you're looking for to win best in shows and to look extremely sweet on the street.

How Long Does it Take To Receive My Wrap?

In most cases 10-20 days from design to installation.

Will a Wrap Damage My Paint?

Big Easy Wrapz, LLC uses only the finest high performance vinyl that Avery Graphics makes. This material is designed specifically for wrapping and is also designed to be removed without damaging the paint. That being said, you must be careful if you have an aftermarket non OEM paint job which we will go further into on our FAQ page.

How Long Does it Take to Wrap a Vehicle?

Applying the wrap to the vehicle can take anywhere from one to two days for a full wrap, depending on the vehicle. Cut vinyl, partial wraps and striping can be done in just a few hours.

How Will I Know If I Will Like My Wrap?

That's a very good question, and the answer is quite simple. Visit our " DESIGN STUDIO ", plug in your vehicle and let your imagination run wild! If you need any assistance with your creation, simply email our online team with your questions and we will be more than happy to assist you.

Can I Install The Graphics Myself?

Unless you have been trained by an experienced graphics installer, we cannot recommend that you apply anything larger than one of our pre made graphics kits, and then we still cannot warrant the installation. So, if you think you have what it takes to install one of our smaller graphics kits we'll be there to answer any questions you may have to help you get the most from your Big Easy Wrapz, LLC graphic.

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Kenny Can:
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Big Easy Wrapz, LLC would like to take this opportunity to thank the fine folks at APE Wraps, and Avery Graphics for the excellent training that we received from them in getting us started in the wraps spectrum of the sign and graphics industry, and we appreciate their continued support in our endeavors. We would also like to thank everyone at Aurora Graphics for their help with our site.


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